The purpose of CPWToday is to provide informative articles and other information pertaining to the conservation of our natural resources and environment through photos, video as well as words. We hope that with this information our readers will be better informed and more aware of conservation and environmental issues and solutions. We encourage comments and differing fact-based points of view, which will be shared in subsequent issues. We strongly believe that our valuable natural resources and fragile environment are in jeopardy and must be conserved for future generations. We believe that we must all do our part, and we have a better chance of success if we are all informed and make smart decisions.


Although not affiliated with Prince William Conservation Alliance (PWCA), CPWToday supports PWCA’s goals and agenda.



Prince William Conservation Alliance (PWCA) is a nonprofit watershed organization working to preserve, protect and enhance natural resources through stewardship, recreation and education. It identifies and pursues conservation opportunities, working with government agencies, local communities and regional organizations to protect important natural areas. Our stewardship programs create opportunities for individuals to learn more about wildlife and engage in positive activities that improve the quality of local natural areas and communities. All our projects are open for member participation. We invite you to join us!


CPWToday is produced by Protected Places Media (PPM). PPM was founded as a creator and distributor of  video, photography, books, and apps related to exploring, understanding and conserving the natural world and our environment. Its hope is that these works will help efforts to restore and sustain wildlife habitat, conserve natural resources, and protect the environment for future generations.



Submission of articles, photography, video and other work are welcome. Contributors are not compensated financially. Approval for use of copyrighted material is the responsibility of the submitter. Submissions may be altered or modified to accommodate incorporating in a project. Significant changes will be coordinated with the submitter. If you have a work that is related to the purpose of this publication, as stated above, go HERE for further information .


We occasionally have openings for unpaid interns to work part time for CPWToday or in the office of PWCA. Experience is not necessary, however experience and/or education in environmental sciences, writing, photography and graphic design is desired. To find out if there are any openings or to apply, use the Contact Form below to provide your contact information and your specific interests.


All revenue generated through this publication from donations, commissions and discounts are paid directly to PWCA. The net profit from sales of products and services sold through the store are also paid to PWCA. Net profit is defined as the selling price less cost of production and royalties paid to the creator of the product or service. There are no management fees or commissions paid to any other party including PPM.


Personal information collected through this site, including names, phone numbers, mailing address and email addresses, will not be distributed to any other party. Such information will only be used in a way as stated at the time it is collected. At any time, you may request in writing that any such information be changed or deleted. This site is for the use of individuals who are 13 years old or older. Any payment information collected through our store is not seen or stored by either PWCA or PPM. Such information is encrypted and sent directly to the financial institution processing the payment.


Any change to our privacy policies will sent to you by email.


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Non-profit environmental organizations may use images and video found on this site, if the work does not have a specific copyright notice by the creator of the work. Images and video without a specific copyright notice may be used by a legitimate conservation organizations  with a credit that includes a hyperlink to the page where the image was found. Any other use must be requested and approved in writing.


The information on this website is provided on an “as is” basis without warranty. The information contained on this website was believed to be accurate at the time of publication. However, neither the authors, publisher. or their agents and companies shall have any liability for any loss or damage resulting from any information contained on this website or related website(s) or publications. It is the visitor's responsibility to check current conditions and to act in a safe and cautious manner when visiting places or participating in activities described on this site. the user of this site agrees to these terms as a condition of use.



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