Bug Art

Dog Bane Beetle

Naturalist and photographer, Judy Gallagher and visual artist, Steve Crossett explore the beauty and variety of the insect world through macro photography and charcoal and pastel renderings.  In breathtaking detail, Judy’s photography displays the amazing structures, colors and behaviors of these important creatures. Steve uses Judy’s photographs as the basis for his charcoal and pastel drawings. He makes these drawings on crumpled newspaper mounted on foam core. Many of the newspaper pages he uses have stories and/or images related to insects, ecology and our natural world.


Together they hope to bring awareness to the world around us in its many small and often unnoticed varieties. Through a greater appreciation of the beauty of these creatures, we can start to grasp their critical importance. The artists recently had a joint exhibit at the Arlington Central Public Library.


Eastern Carpenter Bee

Piano Key Butterfly

Six Spotted Tiger Beetle

Needham's Skimmer