Haymarket 230 kV Power Line



Dominion Resources,

more commonly known

as Dominion, is

proposing a new 230

kilovolt (kV) electric

transmission line in the

Haymarket area. The line

will be approximately five miles

long and require a new electric

substation. The project has been

estimated to cost $65 million.


Dominion states that this addition to

capacity is required to support a new

high-tech sector business expansion

project, as well as future growth in

power demand. Although not identified

by Dominion, it is widely believed that

the high-tech project is the expected construction of a 500,000 square foot

data center by Amazon. Amazon has also

not disclosed its plans, but it owns the

company that purchased property near Haymarket.


Dominion has studied at least ten possible paths to run the line and has filed their application with a recommended route and four alternatives to the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) for evaluation. All of the routes require the use of towers up to 110 feet high and a cleared right of way of 110-120 feet.


One route, the I-66 Hybrid Alternative, would bury a portion of the transmission line for reduced visual impact. The company claims that this construction method increases the cost by a factor of six to ten times, is less reliable, has half the life expectancy, and is more environmentally invasive.


If the SCC approves the proposal, which was filed November 6, 2015, the construction could start later in 2016. The new line is expected

to be energized in 2018.


“The Coalition to Protect Prince

William County (CPPWC) was

formed to defend homes,

health and habitat in northern

Prince William County and

adjoining areas by preventing

the construction of high-voltage

overhead transmission lines

through residential communities

and the Rural Crescent.” The

organization, made up of HOAs,

businesses and individuals, works to

inform and influence policy makers

and regulators on issues affecting the

quality of life, natural resources and

historical heritage in northern Prince



Their primary target is the elimination of

the Dominion Haymarket 230 kV

transmission line or at least minimize its

impact. However, the CPPWC is also opposed

to “inappropriate sited industrial uses, commercial uses and data centers.”

Members strongly believe that the power

line and other non-rural facilities will deflate property values and destroy habitat for humans and wildlife. The Coalition favors growth and job creation; however, such facilities should be located in the commercial areas that have been set aside in the County for these purposes.


The CPPWC knows that defeating the transmission line completely is at best a long shot. While it has not given up on this goal, the CPPWC has started accepting that the Hybrid Alternative as the best of the proposed routes. This alternative route would require that part of the line be buried. The Coalition pushed for a full county resolution to formalize the hybrid route to protect all above ground routes while also advocating for critical zoning changes to ensure data centers are properly placed. See the CPPWC website under Learn More below for additional information.


A 230 kV type tower on the Prince William Parkway.

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