The Coal Ash Decision

PWCA's Position


The Prince William Conservation Alliance (PWCA) considers clean water an essential priority and that our streams, rivers and groundwater must be protected from all forms of pollution. It is PWCA’s strong belief that the pending Solid Waste Permit request by Dominion Energy for the disposal of the coal ash waste located at its Possum Point Power Station be deferred for one year.


During this one-year period, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors should require Dominion to provide adequate groundwater test data from the Possum Point property and surrounding areas to determine if there is any contamination of the groundwater from the coal ash impoundments. Additionally, Dominion Energy should provide a complete evaluation of alternative disposal options in addition to the proposed cap-in-place approach. Only after receiving and evaluating this data, can a decision on the permit and safest method for disposal be made.


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