Submissions of Content

Submission of articles, photography, video and other works are welcomed. However, at this time we cannot offer any financial compensation for the use of the work. If you have a work that is related to the purpose of this publication as stated above, please use the following guidelines:

  • Content can be contributed in one of three ways.
    • Using the Contact Form, send us a short description of the material you wish to have published. Include the length of any text and number of images and/or videos. This is the method for unformatted work.
    • You may also submit formatted work that has been created with Adobe Slate or Send us the URL for the work using the Contact Form.
  • CPWToday is primarily a image/video driven publication and any content submitted must have a high graphic content. Long form stories may be considered, however stories that communicate most through images and sound are preferred.
  • As a requirement of PWCA's non-profit tax exempt status, we cannot accept any material of a political nature. We cannot endorse or appear to endorse any political candidate or political party. If you have a question regarding this requirement please submit it through the Contact Form.
  • Photos can be in JPEG, PNG, PSD, or GIF including animated GIGs file format. They should be high resolution with a minimum size of 600 px. on the shortest side. Please state how the credit should read.
  • Videos should be posted on YouTube or Vimeo. Please send the URL and the credit information.
  • ALL WORK SUBMITTED MUST BE ORIGINAL AND PRODUCED AND OWNED BY THE CONTRIBUTOR. By submitting work, the contributor agrees to permitting the non-exclusive use by CPWToday and the terms and guidelines of CPWToday. Ownership and copyright are retained by the contributer.