This issue is being published about a week before the election of our next President, all of the members of the House of Representatives and about one third of the U.S. Senators. We are publishing a little earlier than planned to provide information regarding the candidates position on environmental and conservation issues to help you to decide who to vote for should you still be undecided.


We think that many of us would agree that it is hard to remember an election quite like this one and one that is so important to the future of our environment. Hard as it is to believe, we actually have a candidate for President who is a climate change denier. Despite the overwhelming evidence and the agreement of better than 99 percent of the world's scientists, Donald Trump believes that climate change is some type of conspiracy. We have put together a summary of the positions on environmental issues of some of the politicians you will have to choose from for this election on Page 3.


We also have a film and article about an issue that is of vital importance to Prince William residents as well as anyone living in the Potomac River watershed. The millions of cubic yards of coal ash stored at the Possum Point Power Station is in the process of being buried. There is a major difference of opinion on how this is to be done. The decision will have environmental and grave health consequences for generations and has already impacted many lives. If you watch only one video from this issue, make sure it is this one on page 5.


This issue is not all gloom and doom. See the story about the local Farm-to-Table Dinner to learn more about some of our local farmers. The hummingbird images and videos will delight and amaze you with their beauty. And Charlie Grymes has some thoughts about why we need more and better hiking and biking trails in the county.


Finally, we have included for free, the full length feature film by Leo Decaprio and National Geographic on Climate Change, Before the Flood. This is a remarkable film that takes you all over the world to hear from scientists and deniers and see how important it is to start addressing this global issue that threatens to destroy the planet.


As always, we hope that you enjoy the stories and films. We very much would like to hear back from you. Your comments are welcome and will help shape future issues. There is a link to send your comments on every page.


It is not a cliché: Think Globally, Act Locally



Climate Change

A Pre-Election Primer

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Celebrating Prince William Agriculture

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Coal Ash

An Unacceptable Gamble

Page 5

Hiking and Biking Trails

Let's Improve the Quality of Our Trails

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A Photo Appreciation of these Tiny Wonders

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Before the Flood

The full length version of Leo Decaprio’s and National Geographic’s film on Climate Change.

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