This special edition of CPWToday focuses on two critical issues. The first, Possum Point Coal Ash disposal, requires immediate attention. The second, Global Warming, is happening faster than originally projected and is already impacting people and the environment. You can make a difference in the outcome of both. It is our hope that the information we provide will help you do that.


Unfortunately, we have heard the coal ash disposal story many times before, where a large company puts profit over the rights and welfare of the common man. Despite test data indicating its coal ash ponds may be poisoning nearby homeowners’ water supplies and permanently damaging a nearby creek and the Potomac River, Dominion Energy is proceeding as quickly as possible to implement the cheapest and technically questionable solution.


This is also a story of how individuals can go up against Goliath (Dominion) and make a difference. Dan Marrow and his wife, Patty, have devoted uncountable hours and their money attempting to get Dominion do the right thing for them and their neighbors. Their challenging and exhausting efforts have been noticed by many others, as well as environmental organizations, which have joined the fight. They have started to make a difference, and there is reason for some optimism, but time is running out. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality appears to be leaning toward issuing a permit as early as March to allow Dominion to have its way.


The coal ash article includes actions that you can take to help prevent this environmental catastrophe.


Carbonpocalypse is the name Dr. Charles Hagan has given our planet’s near future, that we are racing toward. In his article, he discusses how the current national leadership will allow rules and regulations that result in short term profit, but will cause a four-degree increase in the Earth’s average temperature, creating an unlivable environment for man.


We may not be able to change our national leadership for four years, but we can work at the local level to reduce our carbon footprint and set the stage to elect wiser leaders in the future. You can also make a difference today by supporting local environmental organizations, such as the Prince William Conservation Alliance.


It is not a cliché: Think Globally, Act Locally


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